• We now offer a range of Marketing solutions - everything you need for a successful campaign!
  • by advertising your brand on a high quality, Australian made mouse mat.
  • 0.5mm to be precise!
  • Double Sided Printing - Double the Advertising Space!
  • Ensure your brand reaches your client's desk - and stays there!
  • LBD - little black dress - defined in the fashion world as long-lasting, versatile and affordable.


- Ultra-thin - 0.5mm thick
- Non-slip backing - doesn't slide around on the desk
- Printed both sides 

You get double the advertising space!

Click here to see a list of various custom shapes

These mouse pads have a patented non-slip backing, so we can print your promotional messages using the front, and the back. Use it as a unique invitation to a conference or event. It can be a direct mail piece, or as a giveaway to promote your latest product or service.

Post it for the price of a letter!

How thin is the mouse matThat's how light it is. So it's perfect for direct mail advertising - something that will stand out from other mail, and be kept instead of thrown in the bin.  

We have a top notch design team. 

No matter how big or small your business, mouse pads are a great promotional tool. We listen to your ideas, so we can build a real understanding of what you want to achieve and who you want to reach. Not only do we come up with innovative marketing ideas and designs, we also have the technology and expertise to provide you with distinctive promotional mouse mats, coasters and counter mats at very competitive prices! Our creative design team is professional and quick. 

We have more than 10 years experience in the promotional industry, working with clients ranging from start-up businesses to glocal blue-chip organisations. 


(Mailmat Mouse MatsSquare Mouse MatsRegular Mouse MatsErgo Mouse MatsRound & Coaster Mouse MatsLarge & Coaster Mouse MatsCustom Shape Mouse Mats)

We’ve produced mouse pads in the shape of pizzas, gym shoes and comic cats. We’ve printed fax-backs on the reverse side and calendars on a mouse mat disguised as Christmas cards.

When you want a promotional piece that’s light enough to post, thin enough to insert in a magazine, and designed to work with any computer mouse, then our mouse mat is the inspired marketer’s choice.

If you don’t have your own designer, simply tell us your message and who you want to reach, and we’ll mock something up for you - fast.

We have a series of die-cuts you can select from for your mouse mat, or we can custom-make a die to your specifications. Select a mouse pad shape for more details.



(Round or Square 100mm diam/99mm square.)

Where there is a coffee cup, there is a need for a coaster.

It’s a great place for a promotional message. Or maybe, another version of your business card - only more interesting!

Think of the promotional coaster as an inexpensive giveaway in a campaign.

It’s eye-catching, and your clients see it every time they pick up their coffee cups.

Think of what you need to say. Link it to your brand or contact details.

Put the lot on a coaster series, and you have a campaign that can work for years.



(max. 455mm W x 295mm H, A4, A3)

You’ll see countermats on desks, in the banks and at the checkouts.

They’re big. They give you maximum space for your promotional message.

And you could make it multi-functional with special information, or a calendar.

However you apply your creative, the single-sided counter mat is a strong promotional tool. The Countermat is available in a gloss finish.

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