• We now offer a range of Marketing solutions - everything you need for a successful campaign!
  • by advertising your brand on a high quality, Australian made mouse mat.
  • 0.5mm to be precise!
  • Double Sided Printing - Double the Advertising Space!
  • Ensure your brand reaches your client's desk - and stays there!
  • LBD - little black dress - defined in the fashion world as long-lasting, versatile and affordable.

Regular Mouse Mat

Mouse mats can improve your bottom line by delivering targeted, educated visitors to your website cheaply and efficiently. The Regular size mouse mat fits into a C5 envelope so is perfect for direct mail.

Leave the front of your mouse mat clean, simple and attractive so that your clients actually want to keep it on their desk. Use the back to educate your clients on how to quickly find the information they are looking for and the benefits they will get from visiting your site.


Mouse Mat - Mouse Pad Regular

Size: 224mm x 15

'We purchased and designed our mouse pad to be used as a marketing tool and as a souvenir item for sale on Lady Elliot. For marketing we find it a good tool as it is easily posted or slipped into an information folder without being too bulky or expensive, it also is used by the people we give it too (everyone uses a mouse pad), we have used these as a marketing tool for over 8 years and some of our original pads are still on peoples desks. As for a souvenir item it is a good addition to our other items in our little shop and sells reasonably well.''

Angela Hirsch
Administration & Purchasing
Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort