• We now offer a range of Marketing solutions - everything you need for a successful campaign!
  • by advertising your brand on a high quality, Australian made mouse mat.
  • 0.5mm to be precise!
  • Double Sided Printing - Double the Advertising Space!
  • Ensure your brand reaches your client's desk - and stays there!
  • LBD - little black dress - defined in the fashion world as long-lasting, versatile and affordable.

Custom Mouse Mat

For clients who need the 'wow' factor! Customised mouse mats are great for grabbing attention and standing out from the rest. Perfect for complementing an existing campaign, custom shaped mouse mats are unique and will be remembered long after the campaign ends.

As with all mouse mats, the backs of the mouse mat should be used to encourage the client to follow up on a promotion; to respond with enquiries or to seek further information on a helpline or website

Click here to see a list of various custom shapes

 Mouse Mat - Mouse Pad Custom

Size: Max. 310mm x 230mm


 "I have been working with MouseMatters for 3 years now, to promote our 3 day conference and exhibition, ADMA Forum, and the impact the mouse mats have had on branding and achieving budgetary results has been excellent. The product itself is diverse and of good quality, not to mention, something that people want and need on their desks and the people at MouseMatters are a pleasure to work with.

All in all we are very happy with our relationship with MouseMatters and will be continuing this for many years to come."

Sarah Madden Goodlad
Project Manager – Events