• We now offer a range of Marketing solutions - everything you need for a successful campaign!
  • by advertising your brand on a high quality, Australian made mouse mat.
  • 0.5mm to be precise!
  • Double Sided Printing - Double the Advertising Space!
  • Ensure your brand reaches your client's desk - and stays there!
  • LBD - little black dress - defined in the fashion world as long-lasting, versatile and affordable.

Some answers to questions you may be asking yourself.


  • Q: How long will it take to receive my mouse mat order?
    A: 10 working days to turnaround an order from receipt of the deposit and signing off of the artwork.
  • Q: Are there any advantages to using a mouse mat instead of the desktop?
    A: There certainly are! Desks only have a few thousand optical anchor points in comparison to the millions which are integrated into the patented mouse mat design. The desk surface actually reduces the effectiveness of the mouse which can also damage the desk. If the mouse is battery operated, it will run the battery down much quicker if you don't use a mouse mat.
  • Q: Is it cheaper, if I only want 3 colours on my mat?
    A: No. We use a 4 colour digital process, so it makes no difference how few/many colours are required in a job. It costs the same.
  • Q: Will the corners of the mat curl up?
    A: No. A slight downward 'bow' (Bow Reflex System) is incorporated during the manufacturing process . This reduces the possibility of curling corners and makes it easier to pick up the mouse mat.
  • Q: What makes the mouse mats work with all computer mice?
    A: We use a specifically designed printing process which produces dots in a format that enable the mouse to track accurately. That means no more curser jumping when using your mouse pad!

  • Q: I want to go ahead with my order what do I do now?
    A: The order process is very simple:
    1. Print out the quote you're accepting
    2. Fill in the delivery information and sign the quote
    3. Fax or scan and email the signed quote to your sales rep
    4. Email your artwork if you have it ready or send a design brief to your sales rep if you would like us to create it for you (no charge)
    5. We will create and post you a pre-production proof (your artwork on the mouse mat/coaster or countermat)
    6. Once you approve and pay your deposit you'll receive your job in 10 working days
    7. That's it!