• We now offer a range of Marketing solutions - everything you need for a successful campaign!
  • by advertising your brand on a high quality, Australian made mouse mat.
  • 0.5mm to be precise!
  • Double Sided Printing - Double the Advertising Space!
  • Ensure your brand reaches your client's desk - and stays there!
  • LBD - little black dress - defined in the fashion world as long-lasting, versatile and affordable.

Welcome to MouseMatters!

When you deal with MouseMatters – you deal with mouse mat experts. We have been specialising in mouse mats for over 15 years – that’s why we’re so good at what we do! 

MouseMatters is more than just a supplier of mouse mats.

We're full of ideas for using mouse pads in promotions. Tell us your needs, and we'll help you develop a high-impact campaign.

We specialise in manufacturing the highest quality mouse pads, coasters and counter pads for the Australian market, and also supply clients internationally.

So, you want to know why you should choose mouse pads as your next promotional item?

  • Price: Promotional mouse mats are quite inexpensive, especially when compared to how often your customers will actually keep and use them. Other, less expensive items may be your cup of tea, but often, these items are thrown away with the trash after only a day or two. In fact, some may never make it home from the conference or event. Mouse mats are inexpensive enough to hand out, and they are an efficient use of the money in your advertising budget.
  • Usability: Mouse mats are, after all, functional. Most people have a computer at home and almost all businesses need a computer to operate . That's a large market for you to capitalise on!
  • Storage: Most people forget to consider that storing promotional items can take up a lot of room. Because mouse mats are thin and flexible, they can be stored in less space than it would take to store, for example, mugs or cups. They also travel well. You don’t have to worry about losing money because you’ve dropped a box of mouse mats and they broke. For this reason, shipping may be less expensive too!
  • Wide Practicality: Mouse mats work for just about anyone. If you want to create a gift basket for your employees around the holidays, a mouse mat can be included. If you want a promotional item that can be given to clients who open new accounts, mouse mats are nice sized gifts and can be easily incorporated into information packs. Mouse mats are even cheap enough and small enough to give as free gifts at events like conferences and trade shows.
  • Multiple Choices: With mouse mats, you are limited only by your imagination. You can choose the colours, design there are even different shapes to choose from. 

MouseMatters know how to make your business look good. So, give us a call and let's get mouse mats working for your business today!